Several different models of folding tables

Today, I will introduce two different models of folding tables and the usage scenarios that are suitable for them
1. XJM-Z240
This folding table is the largest of all models. When fully unfolded, the table is 240cm long. When a friend visits the goods and goes out for camping, it is a very suitable choice, and you are not afraid of insufficient space.
When fully folded, the width is 120cm, and it only takes tens of seconds to complete the storage after use.


2. XJM-Z152
This is a small and compact folding table. When fully folded, the width is only 76cm. It can be placed in the corner against the wall at will. Some items can also be placed on the countertop, which can become a sideboard and a storage table in seconds.


When fully unfolded, the table is 171cm long, which is enough for a dining area for a family of three in daily life.

These products are shipped in a package, and do not need to be installed. Fold the whole package. After receiving it, the package can be opened and unfolded. The unfolding and folding operation is very simple and can be completed by one person.

After unfolding, they are all together There will be no unevenness or gaps. There are folding chairs of the same style that can be bought together, and 4 chairs can be directly put into the table for storage.

Collocation skills of folding table
1. Consider the size of the space. Choose folding tables of different sizes according to the size of the space.
2. Consider the location of the folding table. The folding table is very light and flexible. There are designs against the wall, and there are also designs that can be placed in the middle of the dining room like a normal dining table. How to choose depends on personal preference and space size.
3. Considering that the selection range of folding tables is relatively small, generally the first thing to consider is the use of folding tables, such as home use, outdoor use, or conference and exhibition use.
4. Style matching. Choose different folding tables according to different styles. Generally speaking, folding tables are more suitable for simple styles.
5. Color matching. According to the specific home environment, choose the color of the folding table.

Post time: Nov-28-2022